Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • (1) What are the criteria for choosing Medical Representatives by the companies?

    • Qualifications
    • Command on Language
    • Preventability
    • Subject knowledge
  • (2) I am a non undergraduate / B.Sc –Can I get a job?

    Yes, even undergraduates with above qualities and good training course from institute like ours get jobs placements in many companies .

  • (3) What would be my starting salary?

    8000/ - 20000/.Salary structures vary from company to company and depending upon your academic records , your experiences and your qualities .

  • (4) Do you give job guarantee?

    Growia will provide you interview opportunities.

  • (5) Do you give repeat placement?

    Only after completion of 6 months of field work with current company .

  • (6) I am a weak communicator-how can I get a job?

    This is one of the most common problem which is due Lack of confidence while speaking in English. Our Training methods will help you to remove that fear from your mind and you will find your self in a position to speak. There will be Spoken English, Public Speaking and communication practice session in every class during your Training period which also will enhance your confidence.

  • (7) How many companies do you have as your clients?

    You can refer to the attached Client list. Many Blue Chip Pharma companies regularly recruit Medical Representatives from Growia. We are having nearly 200 Pharma companies who might recruit Medical Representatives from Growia depending upon the candidate.

  • (8) What is the normal time to become a 1st Line Manager?

    In this Industry promotion is absolutely based on performance. A good performer having leadership and team building aptitude can expect to get promotion within 2 years. There are several examples where top company like Cipla has promoted Medical Representative to Area Manager within one year. This is not a regular practice, but it shows that performers are always rewarded.

  • (9) How can I learn science subjects being a non B.Sc.?

    In our training we focus on explanations of science subjects in such a lucid manner with the help of audio – visual presentation – that even the non B.Sc students can also understand the concept. We also conduct regular 'Practice' sessions to help you remember the content and speak it.

  • (10) What would be the mode of communication in the classes? I am a Hindi medium student?

    This is also a valid point. We use very simple English in the classes that will be understood by you. We will encourage you to speak and practice in English .You can also speak English once you come out of the fear of speaking. Our Trainers may use Hindi on case to case basis for making you understand the subject but generally they use English as the mode of communication.

  • (11) There are many institutes in the market how your institute is different?

    This is good question and very relevant one. Our institute is distinctly different from all other institutes due to following reasons

    • Methodology is very simple
    • SAF (Systematic framework Analysis) which products daily goes to our course participants .This is a unique to only GROWIA …..
    • Mentor support in which actual our participants will be mentored by giving them actual taste of the job and participants of the course will be subjected to all the facets of the job actually doing it and there is no fee for this .
  • (12) Why I do not join the correspondence course?

    As you know that Regular courses are always better than correspondence courses, But if you see our course contents you will find that practical training is the major ingredient of these courses. Moreover, mock presentation & situation handling which are very important aspects which can only be demonstrated through regular courses only.

  • (13) Why this course is 4 hours a day why not 2 hours course extending to 2 months?

    Ans We designed this course with a thought that our most of the students are from outside Delhi & they have to stay longer if the course has longer duration with shorter class time.

  • (14) What If I am not able to pass the examination?

    Ans. If you are not able to pass the exam then you have reappeared for the exam after one month. Our mandatory mentor support will also help you in passing the examination.

  • (15)I am already working with some pharma company, how this course will help in my career?

    This program is specially designed keeping in mind the increasing nature of the competition with the age of specialization. Doctors make themselves available for the salespeople who can demonstrate broad knowledge of the disease state, and understanding of how their product into the treatment guidelines and application for the evidence-based medicine through this course. You can apply for interviews of specialty division of any pharma company which offer high salaries & stable career.

  • (16)Can I get Area Manager job by doing this course?

    Our this course covers all the aspects, roles & responsibilities of the Pharma manager job which will enable you to apply for the Area Manager. Moreover Growia will also provide you interview opportunities. This course will also make eligible for our workshops on entrepreneurship free of cost.